A secured loan may be requested for any amount. Additionally, your salary determines how much you may borrow in total with an unsecured loan. 

For Singaporean or PR

  • A maximum of $3000 for those with yearly incomes between $10,000 and $20,000 
  • A maximum of six times your monthly salary if you make at least $20,000 each year 

For Foreigners

  • A maximum of $1500 for those with yearly incomes under $10,000 
  • A maximum of $3000 for individuals with annual incomes between $10,000 and $20,000 
  • A maximum of six times your monthly income for individuals with annual incomes of at least $20,000 

Singapore licensed moneylenders may charge up to 4% monthly interest as of October 1, 2015. Maximum 4% per month of late payment. All loans and income apply. 

The remaining principal determines the monthly interest rate. For instance, the entire principle debt is $12,000, and the payback was $8,000, leaving $4,000. The remaining amount, $4,000, must be charged interest monthly. 

Late monthly payments determine the late interest rate. Another example, if the loan is $10,000, the current payment plan is $2,000, and the remainder is $8,000, the late interest rate will be levied on $2,000.

You will be legally responsible if you take out a loan. In order to obtain one, you need take into account the following: 

  • Check for Other Alternatives. There are other choices than licensed moneylenders that may assist you with your financial demands. Another option is to apply for financial aid from various government agencies. 
  • Note of Contract. You must abide by the terms and conditions set out in the Note of Contract with the licensed money lender. Settlements in court might result from failure to comply. 
  • Ability to Repay. Make sure you have examined your financial situation and understand your capacity to repay before taking out a loan from a moneylender. Your income and your financial demands must be taken into account. Keep in mind that making late payments will result in both late interest and a late payback charge. It is advised that you borrow less money than you make and that you only utilise it for emergency requirements. Never spend money on lavish expenditures. 
  • Full Understanding of the Contract. You, as the borrower, must fully comprehend all of the contract’s terms and conditions. Consider the following: the repayment timeline, interest rate, and fees. You must confirm, as required by law, that the lenders have adequately described the Note of Contract. They must also provide a copy of the agreement to you. 
  • Caveats on Property. You must carefully read the Note of Contract. Make sure you are fully aware of the implications of placing a caveat on your properties. Keep in mind that if moneylenders place a caveat on your real estate, you could not get any of the selling profits until you completely repay the debt. As a result, you must carefully read the conditions before signing. 
  • Search for Other Moneylenders. You must choose a moneylender whose terms and conditions best fit your financial demands since they differ among them. Choose the one with beneficial terms as well. 

Moneylenders may only charge the following fees as of October 1, 2015: 

  • a maximum of $60 for each month of failure to repay a loan;
  • a maximum of 10% of the principal loan from the time the loan was granted or known as an administrative fee; and
  • legal cost awarded by the court for the loan recovery for each successful loan claim by a licensed moneylender

Keep in mind that the total fees cannot be more than the loan’s principal amount. For instance, the overall fees, including interest rates, late interest, late repayment fees, and administrative fees, cannot exceed $10,000, for instance, if the principal loan is $10,000. 

A licensed moneylender is included in the Ministry of Law’s monthly updated Registry of Moneylenders list, which is available as a PDF file. 

Despite a moneylender’s licence, be cautious and watch out for the following dishonest actions: 

  • Making threats and using abusive language 
  • Requesting your SIngPass Log-in information 
  • Keeping your NRIC card and identification on you, such as your driver’s licence, ATM card, and so on. 
  • Have you sign a loan agreement that is either blank or insufficient 
  • Failed to provide you with a copy of this contract and failed to explain the terms and conditions included in the Note of Contract. 
  • Approve a loan over the phone, over email, or by text message rather than following the law. Before disbursing a loan, the lender must personally meet the borrower in accordance with the legislation; and 
  • Withdrew from a principal loan a sum that was not covered by the administrative charge 

The Ah-long hotline at 1800-2255-529 must be contacted about the unfair practises listed above. Contact the Registry of Moneylenders and have your company name, licence number, and phone number handy. 

To learn further about unlicensed moneylenders you can click here.

A licensed lender of money may only use the following media to advertise: 

  • Business or consumer directories, either online or offline. 
  • Registered Website Address 
  • Within the office premises 

Outside of the three (3) channels, advertising is prohibited. This is one of the criteria that separates a licensed individual from one who is not. 

An unlicensed moneylender may use fliers, email, SMS, and social media sites like Facebook and WhatsApp to promote. So be careful and don’t answer them. You may file a complaint by calling 1800-2255-529 or using their contact form. 

Relying just on the advertisement’s substance is insufficient. There is not much information provided. You may get more information by calling or visiting the licensed money lender’s office. 

The following are the considerations you should keep in mind while acting as a surety: 

  • Keep in mind your obligation 
  • When the loan is approved, a copy of the Note of Contract must be present. 
  • The licensed lender clearly stated the Note of Contract. 
  • The terms of the contract are also explained 
  • A moneylender can’t take away your NRIC or personal identification documents; and 
  • The moneylender must not request sensitive information, such as a SingPass account, an email address, or access to online banking. 

When you get a loan, be careful to follow these rules: 

  • You must ensure that licensed moneylenders provide the correct amount of total principal loans with a maximum administrative charge reduction of 10%. 
  • Pay promptly. Avoid making late payments to avoid paying late interest and fees. 
  • Whenever you make a repayment, make sure the date, name, and amount are all spelt correctly on the receipt. 
  • Ensure that you will get a copy of the statement of account for your loans every January and July. Do not forget to confirm the accuracy of your information, including the name, amount, and date. 
  • Keep copies of your account statements and receipts carefully; they will serve as evidence of all your payments. 

Call the Registry of Moneylenders at 1800-2255-529 to file a complaint about unfair lending practises. Your complaint will be taken seriously, and the Registry will look into it. You may also need to provide them any pertinent papers and data. You can also be requested to appear for an interview with a representative of the Registry. 

According to the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, you may file a lawsuit via the Small Claims Tribunal or the Court if an inquiry reveals that a moneylender is using unfair practises. 

The Registry of Moneylenders is unable to assist you in this situation since your dispute concerns a private contract or agreement between you and the moneylender. 

You may get assistance from social service organisations if you’re having financial problems. They will educate you on basic credit management, help you get counselling, and even help you acquire a repayment plan. 

*Credit Counselling Singapore may also involve in handling debt cases with banks. 

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