We are the fastest and the most reliable loan matching platform in Singapore.

Lender SG is a reliable loan matching platform in Singapore. We specialise in providing the most suitable and competitive loan offers to borrowers.

By using our personal loan application form, your data will be quickly processed by our loan matching system to find the best lender that matches your financial needs.

Please note that we are not a moneylender or representing a financial institution; we work as an independent loan matching platform – so, expect for unbiased loan offers.

We will not offer any loan products over the phone or in your social media accounts. The custom loan quotes will be provided by licensed moneylenders that subscribed to our platform. In addition, the loan quotes coming from this website are non-binding. It will be finalised once you sign the loan agreement from your chosen lender.

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Why Use Lender SG?

100% Free to Use

No fees involved when using our Lender SG platform. You are free to apply through our fast personal loan matching form. Also, we will not collect any fees when you have a successful loan match.

Unbiased Quotes & Reviews

We use a system that will match a borrower’s financial need to an ideal lender which produces unbiased loan deals. Also, the reviews featured on our website for moneylenders are the product of the standard set of criteria.

Safe & Effortless Loan Application

Our website is secured and we always value your data security. We also design our loan matching system with convenience in mind – that’s why applying is so easy. All you need to do is submit the initial data required.

Fast Loan Offer Results

Get custom loan offers from an ideal lender in just 5 minutes. We make it quick to answer your need for a fast cash personal loan. No more days to wait, we assure you that it will only takes minutes to receive the best loan offers.

How it Works?

  • 1. Get Started with Our Easy Form

    Start your loan matching journey by using our secure form where you will provide the following data: name, mobile number, email, monthly income, and desired loan amount.

  • 2. Loan Matching System Finds the Right Match

    After we have captured your initial data, our system will find the best loan offer from an ideal lender. The data you have submitted is essential in finding the right match.

  • 3. Receive Best Loan Quotes from Suitable Lenders

    As soon as our system finds the best loan offer, it will connect to a matching lender. The lender will then provide you with a custom loan offer that matches your financial needs.

Licensed Money Lender Singapore Faqs
Money Lender Singapore Loan Matching


Lender SG is Singapore’s independent loan money matching platform. We don’t provide any “financial products or services.” Furthermore, neither we nor any of our affiliates are licenced moneylenders or loan providers. We operate by using our loan matching technology to look for the best loan offers that suit a borrower’s financing requirements. We make sure that using our loan matching system is risk-free and cost-free, with no commitments. Your information will be handled swiftly and securely by our system after you submit it via our loan application form. Next, will match the appropriate offers with it. To finish the loan procedure, please be prepared to receive a CALL from the chosen licensed personal loan provider.

Get Personal Loan Offers from Lender SG in Just 5 Minutes!

Do you need a personal loan? Save your time and avoid looking for many lenders. In only five minutes, our loan matching tool matches you with the best loan options. With Lender SG, take charge of your money and acquire the money you need right now!