The Comparison : Finding The Best Money Lenders in Singapore

To date, there are around 156 licensed moneylenders in Singapore, and all of them claim to be the best. That is why it is quite tough to find a trustworthy, reliable, and reasonable moneylender, especially when you urgently want a fast cash loan. Our research team is trying to make your job easier by doing the entire research work and finding you the best money lenders.

You need to note here that not all the money lenders fulfill the criteria of being the best one. There are a few essential factors which must be met:

  • The percentage of positive reviews is the first and foremost indication that a money lender falls into a good criterion. These reviews can be found on various websites
  • Moneylenders need to have an over eight years of continuous operation without license’s suspension by Minlaw – Registry of Moneylenders
  • There shouldn’t be overloading of bad reviews on forums, directories, and other sites.

If a moneylender can accomplish these main factors, you can include them in the top money lenders list.

Let’s see what we have here for you!

Compare Best Licensed-MoneyLenders Singapore

Top 8 Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore

If you are looking for reputable with best reviewed licensed money lenders in Singapore? Here you go, you don’t need to search anymore because we have compiled a list of the top 8 best money lenders in Singapore.

1. Crawfort Singapore ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Singapore’s Fastest-Growing Micro Financing Company

Google Review Rating: 4.8 (835 reviews)

Crawfort Finance - Personal Loan Singapore

Get Your Personal Loan Approved in 8 Minutes

Why spend another day shopping around for a fast loan? You need cash, and you need it fast. Through their tech-enabled algorithm, Crawfort Finance can approve your personal loans within 8 minutes, the fastest ever in Singapore.

Crawfort Finance is one of the most famous and reputable money lenders in Singapore. Licensed under Registry of Moneylenders – Ministry of Law, it fully complies with the laws and regulations and follows responsible lending practices. It is a well-established and trustworthy financial institution, providing affordable moneylending solutions for both Singapore citizen and permanent resident. At Crawfort, you can find low-interest rates and ease of access to its various loan products. It also fulfills one of the most critical factors of the highest positive rating and enjoys 4.8 ratings from over 835 customer reviews. Among the most reviewed lending company. The positive rating is proof that the company provides exceptional customer service. In addition, it also addresses its clients’ needs.

Another most significant feature of Crawfort is having a concise turnaround time. You don’t have to wait for days or months to get your loan application approved. It takes pride in offering fast personal loan where you can apply in just 8 minutes. It digitalised the entire loan process. The workflow is highly efficient as well as convenient. All you need to do is to submit your loan application either on their website or by visiting them personally. After the submission, you will receive the status of your application in less than an hour. That is all! You only need to visit Crawfort and get your funds right away!

Fast Loan Application

Get an instant loan offers in mins!

Terms and Conditions

Only 21 years old and above is eligible for loan application.

To preserve the confidentiality of all information you provide to us we maintain the following Privacy Principles.

By clicking "Submit" and providing your personal data, you consent to our loan providers contacting you via the telephone and email and permitting to do a search on the Credit Association Singapore (CAS) web portal for the loan application purpose.

We only collect personal information that we believe to be relevant and required to understand your financial needs.

We will only use any information collected as minimally as possible, mainly to assist us in customising and delivering loan packages that are of interest to our customers.

We will not make unsolicited requests for customer information through email or the telephone, unless customers initiate contact with us.

We have established strict confidentiality standards for safeguarding information on our customers.

Our loan providers will not use or disclose information collected from you other than for the purpose made known to you, authorised by you or required by the Law.

Crawfort – Best Customer Service

Crawfort Singapore Best Licensed Money Lender

Crawfort – Retail Store Environment

Crawfort Singapore Best Customer Service

The easiness at the end of users is the main factor why this company is so famous in Singapore. Other than these aspects, Crawfort has a highly-trained workforce. Their staff is highly professional and friendly. All the processes will be guided for you in detail. Thus, the entire process of money lending using this company is just a click away! Due to the same reason, it has a diverse pool of consumers from all areas of life. No matter if you have poor credit or you need money instantly, Crawfort is always there to offer you fast cash in a quick time without any strict terms and conditions.

Crawfort aspires to be a trusted brand in Singapore known for viable financial solutions for individuals faced with limited credit access. In 2019, they have earned a spot on the list of Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2019. At Crawfort, it offers the most comprehensive types of personal loans in Singapore.

Singapore Prestige Brand Gold Awards 2019

Loan Offers by Crawfort

  • Easy Personal Loan
  • Low Incomer Loan
  • Fast Cash Advance
  • Fast Payday Loan
  • Bad Credit Loan
  • Monthly Installment Loans
  • Short Terms Weekly Loan
  • Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Bridging Loan
  • Wedding Loan
  • Renovation Loan
  • SME Business Loan

Crawfort (Singapore) Contact Details

  • Business Name: Crawfort Pte. Ltd.
  • Moneylender License Number : 97/2019
  • Address : 1, North Bridge Road, #01-35, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
  • Telephone : 67778080
  • Website :

2. Credit Hub Capital

Google Review Rating: 4.4 (53 reviews)

The second on the list and one of the best money lenders in Singapore, known as “Credit Hub Capital.” It has 4.4/5 from 53 customer reviews. This company is also counted as the top-rated due to the immense benefits it provides. Credit Hub Capital is working intending to ease the loan process in Singapore. We all are aware that acquiring a loan in Singapore is no less than a nightmare, especially when you have low credit. To eliminate this complication and to help the customers, this company is offering amazing features.

It gives you access to fast cash in less than an hour. Their interest rates and minimal and highly competitive. Moreover, it doesn’t charge hefty fees like many other money lenders in the market as well as banks. Furthermore, the repayment schedules are also fixed, and you’ll get 100% privacy and confidentiality by choosing this moneylender.

Loan Offers:

  • Flexi Personal Loan
  • Quick Payday Loan
  • Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Short-term Business Loan

Contact Details

  • Business Name: Credit Hub Capital Pte. Ltd.
  • Moneylender License Number : 139/2019
  • Address : 190 Middle Road, #10-01A Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
  • Telephone : 6338 5115
  • Website :

3. Credit Excel Capital

Google Review Rating: 4.3 (23 reviews)

The third best money lender company on our list is Credit Excel Capital having a 4.3/5 ratings from 23 review. To keep your daily business activities running and help you meet your expenses, Credit Excel Capital is one of the best choices you can make. It has over 9 years of experience in the industry. Provides fast and efficient loan approval and monthly installments loans at a very low-interest rate

Credit Excel Capital is not only working for the locals, but it is also helping the foreigners to meet their needs in tough times. It is working with a mission to help everyone residing in Singapore, whether local or foreigner. Moreover, their procedures and processes are hassle-free, fast, and straightforward. Just like the previous two companies, their staff is highly friendly as well as experienced and will help you even on Sundays. It also promises to keep all their clients’ information confidential.

Loan Offers

  • Personal loan
  • Fast Payday loan
  • Business loan

Contact Details

  • Business Name: Credit Excel Capital Pte. Ltd.
  • Moneylender License Number : 123/2019
  • Address : 192 Waterloo Street#06-03 Skyline Building, Singapore 187966
  • Telephone : 6337005
  • Website :

4. QV Credit

Google Review Rating: 4.8 (90 reviews)

The next excellent money lending company on the list is QV Credit. It has a 4.8/5 ratings from 90 existing reviews. It is one of those great companies with no hidden costs and easy to understand terms and conditions and lots of amazing packages. There are absolutely no surprises after you are done with the process.

It offers an easy and straightforward online application with fast approval. Moreover, even if you have a low income, you are eligible for this loan.

Loan Offers

  • Personal loans
  • Payday loans
  • Business loans
  • Wedding loans
  • Fast, urgent, cash loans
  • Installment loans
  • Short terms loans

Contact Details

  • Business Name: QV Credit Pte. Ltd.
  • Moneylender License Number : 123/2019
  • Address : 175A Bencoolen Street #11-08 Burlington Square Singapore 189650
  • Telephone : 6100 8655
  • Email :
  • Website :

5. Cash Mart

Google Review Rating: 4.4 (123 reviews)

The fifth great company is Cash Mart. With over 100 reviews from its clients, it has a 4.4/5 rating. Same as other money lending companies we have mentioned before, this company also offers quick and easy services. With more than 50,000 customers, this company enjoys a rating of 4.4 with about 123 existing reviews. Moreover, it is also an A+ rating.

Loan Offers

  • Payday loans
  • Business loans
  • Personal loans
  • Car loans
  • Foreigner loans
  • Flexi loans

Contact Details

  • Business Name: Cash Mart Pte. Ltd.
  • Moneylender License Number : 157/2018
  • Address : 277 Balestier Road, Singapore 329726
  • Telephone : 6397 4111
  • Email :
  • Website :

6. Lending Bee

Google Review Rating: 4.9 (364 reviews)

Another licensed money lender on the list is Lending Bee. It is a subsidiary company of Credit 21 Pte Ltd. Currently have a 4.9 rating from 364 existing reviews. Among its advantages is that it serves multiple locations: Far East Plaza (Orchard), Tao Payoh, Bedok North, and Jurong East. Currently, it can allow unsecured loan borrowings up to $100,000 and a secured loan of up to 2 million. With a longer loan tenure of up to 36 months for its unsecured loan. As a customer-centric company, it uses easy-to-use online form loan applications for convenience. It also employs an online system where borrowers can check their loan status.

Loan Offers

  • Personal Loans
  • Business loans
  • Life stage Financing Loans
  • Education Financing Loans
  • Travel Financing Loans
  • Medical Financing Loans

Contact Details

  • Business Name: Lending Bee Pte. Ltd.
  • Moneylender License Number: 54/2019
  • Address: 14, Scotts Road, #02-44/45, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
  • 190, Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #01-548, Singapore 310190
  • 213, Bedok North Street 1, #01-111, Singapore 460213
  • 135, Jurong Gateway Road, #01-335, Singapore 600135
  • Telephone:6242 8733
  • Website:

7. Monetium Credit

Google Review Rating: 4.0 (45 reviews)

One of the top 8 licensed moneylender in Singapore is Monetium Credit. Based in 10 Jalan Besar Sim Lim Tower, values flexibility, transparency, swiftness, and efficiency. It gains a 4/5 rating from 45 reviews. Another pride of the company is that it has 8 service counters. The use of digital technology is also present. It also has a lounge area wherein food and drinks are provided to the waiting clients. It also gives its clients for short term and monthly installment the most flexible repayment schedule.

Loan Offers

  • Personal Loans
  • Payday Loan
  • Business Loan
  • Lifestyle Loan
  • Home Renovation Loan
  • Debt Consolidation Loan

Contact Details

  • Business Name: Monetium Credit (S) Pte. Ltd.
  • Moneylender License Number: 177/2019
  • Address: 10, Jalan Besar, #01-01, Sim Lim Tower, Singapore 208787
  • Telephone:6777 7775
  • Website:

8. Credit Culture

Google Review Rating: 4.1 (13 reviews)

Credit Culture Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Dey Pte Ltd. has an aim to provide the competitive interest rates for personal loans. Its monthly interest is capped at 4% with no hidden charges. Maximum loanable amount is up to $50,000. With its digitalised technology it generates straight forward real-time personalised interest rates. Getting also a real-time estimate of the monthly loan installment is also possible. It specialises on offering personal loans for any occasion: credit card /debt consolidation, wedding, renovation and medical expenses.

To date this licensed moneylender has a 4.1 rating from 13 online reviews.

Loan Offer

  • Personal Loans

Contact Details

  • Business Name: Credit Culture Pte. Ltd.
  • Moneylender License Number: 57/2019
  • Address: 9, Craig Road, #02-01, Singapore 089669
  • Telephone: 6921 7300
  • Website:

Things to consider before choosing a money lender

There are many fraudulent actions when it comes to money lenders in Singapore. To regulate this act the Ministry of Law in Singapore has defined some rules which need to follow by all the money lenders. These guidelines are also made available to the public so that everyone can be aware of the money lending activities to prevent falling victim to fraud.

Best Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore

Guidelines on Moneylending

  • If a moneylending company grants you loan regardless of how much you earn in a year, then you will have to pay a maximum of 4% interest rate every month.
  • It is a requirement for the license lenders to calculate the amount of interest-based on reducing the balance. It means that they should charge you with an interest rate of 4% on the repayment every month.
  • A money lender can charge you only a 10% fee as administrative charges which is paid immediately.
  • Only $60 per month is charged from you if you make a late repayment.
  • The interest rate on late repayments is charged only till they remain unpaid.
  • The cost of loan borrowing should not be more than the total principal loan.

How to protect yourself from illegal and fraudulent money lenders?

To protect yourself from illegal money lenders, you must check whether they are licensed or not. It is easy to obtain proof of their licensing. There are more than 150 licensed money lenders, so you have got a lot of options to choose from. Licensed money lenders are those who fulfill all the requirements by the Ministry of Law (Registry of Moneylenders).

Another way to point out a legal money lender is that a legitimate lender will never hide the terms and conditions from you and will give you time to read them so that you can sign a contract. So, make sure you read and understand the requirements before moving ahead.

Thirdly, a legal money lender will only take a 10% fee (of the principal amount) from you. Moreover, also check out the reviews of moneylenders before choosing one.

Following are hints that you are dealing with an illegal money lender:

  • Requesting you to transfer them for a loan processing admin fee upfront
  • Asking to share your SingPass User ID or password (Never share your credentials)
  • Giving you a blank paper to sign the contract
  • Providing your contract to sign without giving you the terms and conditions first
  • Sending you SMS to advertise their company and services
  • Approving your loan application immediately over the phone or even on SMS

If you encounter any of the above, you are in the wrong hands!

The way how a money lender advertises also says a lot. A legal an authentic money lender will only advertise on:

  • Its website
  • Consumer directories or business directories
  • Advertisements outside the physical office

The advertisements coming from emails, flyers, and SMS are an indication of a false moneylender.

So, before heading to get your loan from a moneylender, you need to:

  • Prepare all your necessary documentation to complete the paperwork
  • Your proof of residency such a letter from the landlord with your name and address are written on it.
  • Your identity or proof of verification.
  • Your appointment letter from the office
  • Your payslip (must not be 3-months old)
Things to consider before choosing a money lender

If you are foreigner, then you need to show:

  • Employment pass or work permit
  • Passport
  • Proof of employment like a company or staff pass, appointment letter and payslip
  • Proof of your residency
  • A bank account statement (in your salary bank)

Keep in mind that a reputable and licensed moneylender will never ask you to provide your password.

Thus, if you want profit for your business or need money, then you should only go to legal moneylenders. We have compiled all this information for you to save from the hassle of finding an excellent moneylender from the comfort of your home.

Money lender responsibility before granting a loan:

Informing you about your principal loan is not enough, a licensed moneylender must inform you clearly about their terms and conditions. They must be transparent in discussing with you the following:

  • Interest Rate
  • All fees required
  • Late Interest Charges
  • Schedule of Repayment
  • Cautionary statement to the borrower

A licensed moneylender will always abide by the law. It will make sure that you clearly understand the information listed above. They will never hide any information from you. Additionally, they personally explained to you the cautionary statement. It contains the criteria of an abusive money lender and a warning not to accept this type of lender. As proof that you’ve understood this statement, you are required to affix your signature.

What to do after loan approval?

To ensure that you are not a victim of scams, make sure that the money lender delivers the exact principal amount. Take note also that they are only allowed to deduct a fee of up to 10% of your principal loan amount.

Once you have claimed the principal amount, it is now your responsibility to follow the terms and conditions. Additionally, take note of the following upon receiving and when it’s time for your repayment:

  • You must have a copy of loan agreement
  • Obtain a copy of receipt every time you made payment for the fees and also with your repayment
  • You must receive a copy of your statement of account at least once every January and July and make sure that the information is correct – your name, amount paid and the loan balance
  • Keep the important documents -receipts and statement of accounts safely

Keep in mind that a reputable and licensed moneylender will never ask you to provide your password. Always remember, they will guide you all throughout your lending experience, even after your loan approval.

Thus, if you want some extra funds for business or for personal needs, then you should only go to legal moneylenders. We have compiled all this information for you, to save from the hassle of finding an excellent moneylender from the comfort of your home.

FAQs About Licensed Moneylenders

You can apply for any amount for a secured loan. And the maximum loanable amount for an unsecured loan is based on your income.

For Singaporean or PR

  • A maximum of $3000 for annual income below $10,000 and less than 20,000
  • A maximum of 6 times your monthly income with at least $20,000 annual income

For Foreigners

  • A maximum of $1500 for annual income below $10,000
  • A maximum of $3000 for with at least $10,000 and $20,000 annual income
  • A maximum of 6 times your monthly income with at least $20,000 annual income

Effective from 1st of October 2015, a licensed moneylender in Singapore can charge a maximum monthly interest rate of 4%. A maximum also of 4% in each month of late repayment. This is applicable to all types of loans and income.

The monthly interest rate must depend and based on the principal remaining. For example, the total principal loan is $12,000 and the repayment was $8,000, so the total principal remaining is $4,000. The monthly interest rate must be charged on $4,000 as the principal remaining.

The late interest rate must be based on the late monthly repayment. For example, if the total loan is $10,000, the current installment plan is $2,000 and the remaining is $8,000, the late interest rate will be charged on the current amount to be repaid which is $2,000.

Taking a loan means that you will have a legal liability. So, before you secure one, below are the factors that you need to consider:

  • Check for Other Alternatives. Aside from licensed moneylenders, there are also other options that can help you with your financial needs. And, among the alternative is to approach numerous Government Agencies for financial assistance.
  • Note of Contract. You are required to follow the legal agreement or terms and conditions under the Note of Contract with a licensed money lender. Failure to do so may lead to court settlements.
  • Ability to Repay. When you are borrowing from a moneylender, you have to make sure that you have analyzed your financial condition and you know your ability to repay. You have to consider your income and your financial needs. Remember that late repayments mean you will acquire a late interest and a late repayment fee. It is advisable that you borrow an amount below your income and must use it only for your immediate needs. Never use it for luxurious expenses.
  • Full Understanding of the Contract. As a borrower, you must understand very well the terms and conditions within the contract. You must take in mind the following: schedule of repayment, interest rate, and fees. As required by the law, you must make sure that the moneylenders have explained well the Note of Contract. They must also give you a copy of that contract.
  • Caveats on Property. You have to review carefully the Note of Contract. Make sure that you understand well about lodging a caveat on your properties. Take in mind that when moneylenders lodge a caveat on your real estate property, you may not get any part from the sales proceeds unless you pay off the loan in full. So, you have to go over the terms and review them very well before signing.
  • Search for Other Moneylenders. Moneylenders have varying terms and conditions and you need to find the one that best suits your financial needs. Choose also the one with favourable offers.

Effective also from 1st of October 2015, moneylenders can only charge the following fees:

  • a maximum of $60 for each month of failure to repay a loan;
  • a maximum of 10% of the principal loan from the time the loan was granted or known as an administrative fee; and
  • legal cost awarded by the court for the loan recovery for each successful loan claim by a licensed moneylender

Take in mind that the total fees must not exceed the total principal loan. For example, if the principal loan is $10,000, the total charges which include interest rates, late interest, late repayment fee, and administrative fee must not be over $10,000.

A licensed moneylender is listed under the Ministry of Law – Registry of Moneylenders’ monthly updated list which can be seen in a PDF File.

In spite that a moneylender is licensed, be careful and take note of the following unfair practices:

  • Use of abusive language and threatening action
  • Asking your SIngPass Log-in details
  • Hold your NRIC card and personal documents e.g. driver’s license, ATM card and etc
  • Make you sign within a blank or incomplete loan contract
  • Did not explain the terms and conditions within the Note of Contract and not giving you a copy of this contract
  • Grant a loan without following the law instead approve the loan via phone, email, and SMS. As required by the law the moneylender needs to meet the borrower in person before loan disbursement; and
  • Deducted an amount from the principal loan which is not within the administrative fee

Above are unfair practices and must be reported with Ah-long hotline: 1800-2255-529. Get in touch with Registry of Moneylenders and be ready with the following: business name, license, and phone number.

To learn further about unlicensed moneylenders you can click here.

A licensed money lender can only advertise on the following:

  • Online or Print Business or Consumer Directories
  • Registered Website Address
  • Within the office premises

Promoting outside the three (3) channels is not allowed. This is one of the rules that can determine a licensed from an unlicensed one.

An unlicensed moneylender may advertise on flyers, email, SMS, social media like WhatsApp and Facebook. So, beware and don’t respond to them. You can report them at 1800-2255-529 or with their contact form.

It is not enough to rely on the content of the advertisement. The information given is limited. You may call or go down to the moneylender’s office and ask for further clarification.

The following are the things that you need to look into when you are standing as a surety:

  • Take in mind your responsibility
  • You must have a copy of the Note of Contract when the loan is granted
  • The licensed moneylender has explained well the Note of Contract
  • The terms of the contract are also explained
  • Your NRIC and personal IDs must not be held by a moneylender; and
  • The moneylender must not ask for sensitive information e.g. SingPass account, online banking, and email account.

When you are granted a loan, make sure to observe the following:

  • You have to make sure that the licensed moneylenders deliver the right amount of total principal loan with a maximum deduction of 10% for the administrative fee.
  • Pay on time. Avoid late repayments so that you cannot incur late interest and fees.
  • Always secure a receipt each time you made a repayment and ensure the correctness of your name, amount, and date.
  • Every January and July, make sure that you will receive a copy of your loans’ statement of account. Remember to check also the correctness of your information: the name, amount and date; and
  • Keep safely the copy of all your statement of account and receipt, it will serve as a proof of all your payments.

To complain against unfair practices of moneylenders, you may contact the Registry of Moneylenders at 1800-2255-529. The Registry will take seriously your complaint and will do an investigation. You may also need to provide them with relevant documents and information. You may be also asked to attend an interview with the Registry’s officers.

If the investigation found out that a moneylender is engaging in unfair practices, you can proceed with the case via the Small Claims Tribunal or the Court under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act.

Since your matter involves a private contract or an agreement between you and the moneylender, the Registry of Moneylenders cannot help you with this matter.

There are social service agencies that can help you with your financial difficulties. They will provide you knowledge about general credit management, counseling and even assist you to get a repayment plan.

  • Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP)
    Location: Pasir Ris Drive 4 #05-11 Singapore 519457
    Contact Number: 6416 3960
    E-mail Address:
  • Adullam Life Counselling
    Location: 151 Chin Swee Road Manhattan House #08-04 Singapore 169876
    Contact Number: 6659 7844 / 9423 8832
  • Arise2Care Community Services
    Location: No. 5 Harper Road #02-01A Singapore 369673
    Contact Number: 6909 0628
  • Blessed Grace Social Services
    Location: 18 Arumugam Road, #05-01 Antioch@Macpherson Singapore 409962
    Contact Number: 8428 6377
  • Credit Counselling Singapore*
    Location: 51 Cuppage Road #07-06, Singapore 229469
    Contact Number: 6225 5227 / 6338 2663
  • One Hope Centre
    Location:8 New Industrial Road #04-04B LHK 3 Building Singapore 536200
    Contact Number: 6547 1011
  • Silver Lining Community Services
    Location:(East) 11 Playfair Road Singapore, (West) Jurong Spring CC, 8 Jurong West St 52 Singapore 649296
    Contact Number: 6749 0400

*Credit Counselling Singapore may also involve in handling debt cases with banks.